Peer-Reviewed Publications

8) Bernardi G, Longo GC, Quiros TEAL (2017) Altrichthys alelia, a new brooding damselfish (Teleostei, Perciformes, Pomacentridae) from Busuanga Island, Philippines. ZooKeys 675: 45-55. bernardi.etal.2017

7) Bernardi G, Crane NL, Longo GC, Quiros TA (2016) The biology of Altrichthys azurelineatus and A. curatus, two damselfishes that lack a pelagic larval phase. Environmental Biology of Fishesbernardi_etal_2016b

6) Longo GC,  O’Connell B,  Green RE, Bernardi G (2016) The complete mitochondrial genome of the black surfperch, Embiotoca jacksoni: selection and substitution rates among surfperches (Embiotocidae) Marine Genomics. doi:10.1016/j.margen.2016.03.006 longo.etal.2016

5) Tariel J, Longo GC, Bernardi G (2016) Tempo and mode of speciation in Holacanthus angelfishes based on RADseq markers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2016.01.010 tariel.etal.2016

4) Longo GC, Bernardi G (2015) The evolutionary history of the embiotocid surfperch radiation based on genome-wide RAD sequence data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2015.03.027  longo&bernardi.2015

3) Kück P, Longo GC (2014) FASconCAT-G: extensive functions for multiple sequence alignment preparations concerning phylogenetic studies. Frontiers in Zoology, 11, 81.  kück&longo.2014

2) Poortvliet M, Longo GC, Selkoe K et al. (2013) Phylogeography of the California sheephead, Semicossyphus pulcher : the role of deep reefs as stepping stones and pathways to antitropicality. Ecology and Evolution, 3, 4558–4571.  poortvliet.etal.2013

1) Longo G, Beldade R, Cudney-Bueno R, Raimondi P, Bernardi G (2011) Isolation and characterization of 13 polymorphic microsatellites for the black murex, Hexaplex nigritus. Marine Genomics, 4, 69–70.  longo.etal.2011


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